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LivePlugs – ear plugs for music

LivePlugs allow to protect your ears without spoiling the sound.

Thanks to its unique frequency filter, your ears stay protected from dangerous frequencies (2-6 kHz), while the rest of the sound spectrum stays practically untouched, making LivePlugs the ideal companion for any loud concert, club or festival.

Advantages of LivePlugs – ear plugs for music

  • unique filter allows only the good/harmless sound to come through!
    (see also: How do LivePlugs work?)
  • reusable and durable ear plugs
  • protects from tinnitus/ringing in the ear
  • protects from hearing damage without spoiling the fun
  • comfortable to wear and easy to use
  • no "closed-in" feeling while wearing (you can still carry on a normal conversation while wearing LivePlugs!)
  • satisfaction guaranteed: 14 day money back guarantee!

Who uses LivePlugs?

  • musicians (at band practices or on stage)
  • music fans (at live concerts, music festivals, parties, clubs, etc.)
  • people working around loud music (bar personell, security etc.)

Satisfaction guaranteed!

If you are not satisfied with LivePlugs, simply return them within 14 days. You’ll receive a complete refund of your money, guaranteed.

Delivery contents:

  • 1 pair of LivePlugs hearing protection/ear plugs with frequency filters
  • handy screwtop case with keychain

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