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FAQ (frequently asked questions)

How to use LivePlugs?

LivePlugs are comfortable and easy to use. No more squeezing like with foam plugs:

Anwendung - Schritt 1     Hold slender end with two fingers.
Anwendung - Schritt 2     Carefully insert into ear until it fits comfortably.

How long will my LivePlugs last?

Material and processing of LivePlugs allow them to be used for many months or even years - given proper use and cleaning from time to time.

How should I clean LivePlugs?

Clean your LivePlugs with warm, soapy water:

  • Close the drain of your sink - you don't want any part of your LivePlugs to end up in the drain!
  • Carefully pull the colored filter out of the silicon shaft
  • Rinse with warm, soapy water, and rub gently around the lamellas and the shaft
  • Rinse again with warm water
  • Let both parts dry well
  • Gently insert the filter into the shaft – done!

What paying options are available?

At the present time we offer the following paying options:

  • pre-payment via bank transfer
  • credit card (VISA, Mastercard)
  • Paypal

I don't have an Austrian or German bank account.  Can I still make a pre-payment via bank transfer without  additional expenses?

Yes you can!

As long as you have a bank account within the European Union, pre-payments will be as cheap and easy as a domestic bank transfer.

(In fact, the standard EU transfer is part of the basic EU principle of free circulation of capital within the EU. Every bank institute within the Union offers these wire transfers without additional costs or expenses.)

Basically the EU wire transfer works like any domestic bank transfer. The only difference: instead of the regional bank code, BIC (bank identifier code) is required. And instead of the account number, IBAN (international bank account number) is used. You can find both numbers in your LivePlugs order confirmation.

Forms for the EU wire transfer can be easily found - whether at your local bank or when banking online. When in doubt, your bank advisor will be happy to help you out.

If you choose to pay via EU bank transfer, don't forget to include your order ID number. This is the only way we can quickly match your payment to your order.

Our account details for EU transfers:
WeRockMusic GmbH
IBAN: AT941420020010919186

Domestic bank transfers Germany:
Bank name: Commerzbank München
Bank ID: 700 400 41 
Account number: 220442800

Domestic bank transfers Austria:
Bank name: Easybank
Bank ID: 14.200
Account number: 20010919186