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LivePlugs compared to common foam plugs

What you want
foam plugs
  Protection from tinnitus and other hearing damages ja
  Foam plugs also provide hearing protection from tinnitus/other types of hearing damage, but with LivePlugs, you don't lose out on the fun and sound!
  A good sound experience ja nein
  Wheter you are a musician, music fan or DJ: at festivals, clubs or concerts, you don't want to miss out on music just because it's loud, and you most certainly want to experience it as pure as possible. LivePlugs allow you to do so while protecting your ears.
ja nein
  Given a proper use and occasional care, LivePlugs can be used for many months or even years. Consider LivePlugs a long-term investment!
  Comfortable to wear ja nein
  Thanks to their soft silican lamellas, LivePlugs are comfortable to wear. And whereas foam plugs fill your entire ear canal, often leading to an unwelcome feeling of pressure and heat accumulation, LivePlugs are air-permeable. In addition they come in a small case with a keychain for easy and spontaneous use.
  Clear conversations and voices
  Wheter placing or taking a bar-order, listening to vocals at a concert or talking to friends between songs: you won't have to take out your LivePlugs to know what's going on!
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